July 23, 2008

Keeping Warm

We are very spoilt and have a wood fire..

And gas ducted heating which is handy as I am not yet up to the challenge of building an all night fire so the heater kicks in once the temp drops too low while we're asleep.. However I am determined to learn the trick of a long burning fire!

Our strawberries are also spoilt and have a good layer of pine needles to keep them warm ;) I read that they like the pine needles and we have no shortage (due to neighbours pine trees) so I threw some in to try :)

The strawberries are our first 'food' planting, we're planning a couple of vege patches but it's all work in progress at this stage.. :) (I'm currently researching with the help of Peter Cundall & Jackie French)

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The Sanctuary

We had friends stay from interstate and took them to the Healesville Sanctuary for a visit.

It's such an amazing place to go, the kids had a ball (as did the adults).

We met this guy who wouldn't stick his tongue out for me :S but he's pretty anyway :)
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Knitted gifts

I have been knitting again! Once the stash was unpacked that is :)

I joined in a "Cover" swap on Ravelry and it was a lot of fun :0

The sockettes at top are made in a wool which I dyed myself, I had it 'stashed' for some gloves for me but my swap pal specified her favourite colour is blue and so I selflessly made it into these funky sock-y things :)

The gloves/mittens are Fetching with some added cable rows for length, I really like the colour and I am contemplating making a pair in the same for myself, the wool is Patons Jet .

Both these items were sent all the way to WA and I am pleased to report were well received :))

The bag is a birthday gift for hubby's aunt, I am thinking it'll be useful for her bakery/paper/f&v shop on Saturday mornings :) Hope she likes it!

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A breakfast guest, local wildlife

As the boy would say, we've sots of (lots of) kookaburra's here, there seems to be a pair (?) living in one of the gums behind the shed..

This guy came down to the fence to eat something tasty he found in the grass.

We also have a fair few cockatoos that fly over and about, we've heard wedge tail eagles and can see where the would be but haven't spotted them yet.

Judging by the plentiful supply of droppings we have wombats too but have yet to meet them, either..

I'm sure it's just a matter of time.
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Mum & Dad's best helper

We had a load of firewood delivered not long after we got here and he helped me stack the whole lot!! "Here's a little sized one, Mum."

It's amazing watching him grow and develop so much already in our new home. And he loves 'holping'

If there's wood to bring in, he's there... washing to hang, he's got the pegs (all yellow then all blue then pink if needed), want the gates opened/closed? He's your man :)

It's fun :)
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So it's really not that much, after all!

Everything fitted into a tea-chest carton for the move... well, almost everything, possibly I had one basket in the car with me on moving day!

This is our back room/laundry.

The shelves are hiding the washer and dryer and so forth as there is no door to 'hide' behind, and I figured the wool made a nice decoration.

Once it was unpacked I said to hubby, "See it's really not that much wool, you know." to which he replied, "Considering you don't even know what you'll knit with all of it, yes it is a lot of wool."

He might have a point. But given his MTB bits & pieces addiction I think I'm safe ;)
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A room with a view

This is looking out the doors from the master bedroom..

The garden needs work but it is pretty even so.

We want to re-do the driveway, fix the eding, top up the gravel and move the 'circle' back a little.. Our plan is to (one day) add a deck and verandah and so we'll need to move the drive away from the house a few feet.

I can see me sitting out there in summer knitting in the evenings :)
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Speaking of boots..

I love these! They are bright and funky - orange & sky blue :)

We had an orange themed casual day at work so I wore these in! (Yes, on the train and all!)

I stepped out of the lift to a lobby of fresh faced, well dressed, new staff; all set for their induction program... I think they were surprised to see someone wearing gumboots to the office ;)
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Why we made this move

The boys and the dogs having fun in the front yard!

I can hardly keep those gumboots of his feet, nor the bike from under him!

Poor kid has rubs on his legs from the boots but when I took him shopping for work boots he very politely declined, "No thank you, I like my gumboots please." So we're tucking his pants into his socks every morning to help and using Bepanthen to heal them!

Oh well, kids will be kids, hey?
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We're here!!

Look! This is us moving in :)

We arrived on 30th June but have only just gotten online again, now.

I must be honest and say that the first week was HARD! We all got sick and then I got sick of boxes and clutter and lost it slightly but once I got it out of my system things improved rapidly :)

We are all feeling really at home here, it is really quiet and really dark at night and I haven't slept so well in a long time.

I adore the fact that we have to walk up the road to the mail box (RSD) and the fact that we receive Farmer Direct in the letter box (that is about the only junkmail we receive!)... I can't get enough of the kangaroos and deer that roam the farm over the road (wild but settled in!), and the eagles that we can hear flying nearby, and I love the fact that we're all so settled.

So, yeah, all is good!
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