July 23, 2008

We're here!!

Look! This is us moving in :)

We arrived on 30th June but have only just gotten online again, now.

I must be honest and say that the first week was HARD! We all got sick and then I got sick of boxes and clutter and lost it slightly but once I got it out of my system things improved rapidly :)

We are all feeling really at home here, it is really quiet and really dark at night and I haven't slept so well in a long time.

I adore the fact that we have to walk up the road to the mail box (RSD) and the fact that we receive Farmer Direct in the letter box (that is about the only junkmail we receive!)... I can't get enough of the kangaroos and deer that roam the farm over the road (wild but settled in!), and the eagles that we can hear flying nearby, and I love the fact that we're all so settled.

So, yeah, all is good!
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