August 23, 2008

A day in the garden..

Here it is!!! Our Vege Garden :)

After a lot of hard work with the wheelbarrow we planted the plants and seeds today :)

Left to right:

On the lower outside of the straw bales (next to the tree stump) we've planted pumpkin seeds - theory being they will spread downhill as much as they like without taking over the other veges.

First bed has - peas (seeds) and seedlings of cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, bok choy and gai larn (chinese brocoli), and a mix of lettuces..

Second bed has - Seeds of Sweet Corn & Zucchini and seedling Silverbeet (rainbow variety in greens, reds & yellows..)

Third bed contains - Tomatoes (Apollo & Grosse Lisse & Cherry), Dutch Carrots, Brown Onions, and we've left a space to plant the Capsicum & Hot Peppers which we've started in the seed trays..

The bed on the top outside of the straw bales contains Pontiac Potatoes..

Here are some happy snaps from today :)

The boy, he'd just watered in our new Moorepark Apricot tree..

The dogs talking to the neighbours - so cute miniature ponies.

The view from the garden - love it.

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  1. Beautiful. I look forward to see photos of the crop :)