August 22, 2008

A vege garden

These guys are sitting on the borders to our new garden :)

We are using straw bales as edging so that they can break down while they keep things in place. We're using a corner of our top paddock as it has good direct sun for most of the day.

On Tuesday of this week the boy and I barrowed 6 bales of Lucerne hay and 4 sacks of manure up there to lay the basis for the beds. (The ponies over the back fence were pleased with his one for the garden one for the ponies method of distributing handfuls of hay!)

Today we (I!) barrowed up 12+ barrows of soil/compost mix to top the hay/manure with.

Tonight I am sore and tired but we've made a great start (and hubby is home this weekend so he can pitch in with the rest), tomorrow we're heading into town to get some seedlings - yeah!

(oh, and speaking of gardens - our strawberry plants are starting to flower/fruit!)
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