September 22, 2008

More spinning

This is the Eucalyptus Merino from Ewe Give Me the Knits :)

I picked up the Ashford Wheel yesterday and had a play with it last night, it's not as pretty as the wheel Tara loaned me, and it's very light and tends to walk a bit, and the wheel seems hard to turn.. Not sold, yet.
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September 20, 2008

Mine, mine, mine!!

Look at what I bought off eBay :) My very own wheel :D

It is in Kyneton which is a lovely country drive from here, so am hoping to collect it next weekend.
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September 17, 2008

Spinning progress!

Look!! I'm improving :))

That is all :P
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September 14, 2008

Exciting times part II


Can you see the flower buds on the tomatoes?? All four bushes have them - yeah!


Peas are putting out climber shoots..

The only down side so far has been a few snail eaten plants, we've tried beer with no luck so this afternoon I sprinkled rock salt around the leafy greens to see how it goes.


These two pots (with passion fruit) will sit either side of an arbor (?) and so they can climb. The pots are to keep them in place and stop them spreading too far.


And lastly, here is the boy modelling the slate paving he 'holped for daddy' today. Hubby spent quite a few hours laying these :) This area is at the doors to one of the garden sheds and the garage.

Exciting times in the garden

Spring has most definitely sprung! Lots and lots of growth and flower buds and the like happening. This is our Peach tree about to shoot leaves.

This potato plant came up this week and look at it already!

Buds on the capsicum seedling.

Zucchini are very happy and growing well.
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First go on the wheel.. hmmm

So I think I can probably get the hang of this spinning caper.. but I think I need a 'real' teacher in place of youtube & books to get the 'feel' of things..

That there is my first go so not TOO bad.. I got it onto the spindle (which is more than can be said for the second go just now).

During the week I visited Ewe Given Me the Knits and bought some oh so lovely Merino and Blue Faced Leicester to spin with.. I will definitely be buying from Mandie again, the fibre is divine and her service is exceptional :D I purchased 1 x High Tower 1 x Eucalypt Merino 1 x Beige Merino and 2 x Mulled Wine Merino and I cannot wait to see them spun up(once I can spin OK)
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September 7, 2008

Another hobby, a new toy!

I need to say a huge thanks to the lovely Feisty Wench who has loaned me her first Spinning Wheel to try/learn on!! What a generous and lovely offer it was :) I made a trip across town yesterday to collect the wheel. So exciting!! BUT - I seriously have NO IDEA how it works, although I figured out the pedal part! I have decided to stalk my local spinners guild for advice & tips (yes - we actually have one - how cool!??)

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Speaking of growing..

Check out the strawberries & the herb pot! It must be Spring :))

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Things are growing!!

These are our peas!!! They came up overnight on Wednesday and I was so excited!!

And these are the first of the zucchinis to germinate. These, too, appeared overnight Wednesday..

As for this one, well the jury is still out, but it is potentially a Sweet Corn plant (hubby thinks it's weed!!)
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September 1, 2008

Pots by the door

So we have a strawberry pot near the front door, and (up 'til Saturday) we had a *sad* Coriander plant needing a home. A quick trip to the nursery and we have a matching pot with herbs :) Coriander (much happier) and mint in the top, chives, garlic chives, mint and thyme in the sides..

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Instant sandpit

The boy was stoked when he & dad went to the garden supplier to get a trailer load of sand :D He spent over an hour digging and building and squashing and rebuilding piles of sand!

Below is the reason for the sand; a base for our swish new water tank...

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