September 14, 2008

First go on the wheel.. hmmm

So I think I can probably get the hang of this spinning caper.. but I think I need a 'real' teacher in place of youtube & books to get the 'feel' of things..

That there is my first go so not TOO bad.. I got it onto the spindle (which is more than can be said for the second go just now).

During the week I visited Ewe Given Me the Knits and bought some oh so lovely Merino and Blue Faced Leicester to spin with.. I will definitely be buying from Mandie again, the fibre is divine and her service is exceptional :D I purchased 1 x High Tower 1 x Eucalypt Merino 1 x Beige Merino and 2 x Mulled Wine Merino and I cannot wait to see them spun up(once I can spin OK)
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  1. Congratulations :) It looks great!

    I love your garden photos.