November 29, 2008

Girl's weekend!

I've booked to go to Sydney for a girls weekend away next year!

I was a bit hesitant at spending money on me (is that a mum thing?) but hubby insisted I deserved a break and Virgin had cheap flights so I booked!!!

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November 25, 2008

Clever kid - just a brag

This is his first go on a real bike - no training wheels!!! He's been watching his dad I think :)

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Harvesting veges..

Kind of impressed with this lot..

Silverbeet, two types of zucchini there are two particularly huge ones (we had more than this but a certain 3 year old decided to feed the dogs) and (drum roll please) a few Pontiac potatoes!

The potatoes are starting to die down so we burrowed in under the pile and pulled these out. We're planning on leaving the rest 'til all the plants have died down, then dig through the whole pile. I was impressed with the soil/compost in the potato pile, it'll make a great starter to our new garden beds.
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November 18, 2008

Spinning something new

So this month is New to Ewe challenge for the Ewe Give Me the Knits group on Ravelry.. I had some South African Fine hand dyed by the talented Mandie so thought I'd give it a go.

This is the result (hanging to dry)

And in other 'new' spinning news, meet Harvey..

He belonged to another knitter who was after a new home for him, so I offered to take him in :) I have yet to try out this new wheel but hope to do so tonight.

November 15, 2008

Check out the veges!

After we planted our veges (including the tomatoes) we were advised by numerous people, "You shouldn't plant tomatoes 'til Cup Day". Thing is somebody forgot to mention it to our plants.. Check out the fruit :) The plants are growing heaps and covered in fruit & flowers!

We also have baby Cauliflower and Broccoli!!!

And, in a fit of ''because I can" I've planted watermelon seedlings. It will be interesting to see how they go!

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November 9, 2008

Time to come home..

We had such a great trip, and we're definitely planning a return trip again, I am not a beach person but up there I was!

Here are a couple of pics of the surrounds of the cabin we stayed in at the caravan park and one of the inside while we were packing to head home.

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Hook Island

Hook Island was our next stop. The resort there is very basic but lovely, it made me think someone turned up in their Kombi one day and just stayed... (clearly there was no Kombi, that was just the vibe of the place!). Hubby went snorkelling while the boy and I hit the pool.

Then it was time to go on the semi-submersible boat to see fish and coral. It was low tide when we went so the water was a but murky but we got some close up views of the coral. Back on board Voyager it was time for a rest (sleep!) all the way to Daydream Island.

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Whitehaven Beach

Once we'd built our castle we decided to go for a swim; Whitehaven is on Whitsunday Island which is a National Park, there are basic toilet facilities and so we headed there to change.. The toilets/deck are raised and I stupidly dropped my lip balm over the edge - right next to a LARGE lizard (goanna?) and when Hubby was bravely retrieving it he came across a Green Tree snake and also (more scarily) a brown snake.. So we kept to the path after that!

After a swim it was time for some frisbee and beach cricket before we boarded the boat for lunch on our way to Hook Island.

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Whitsunday Island Cruise

After we left Cape Gloucester we headed to Airlie Beach for a few days of family holiday time.

We stayed at the Whitsunday Adventure Caravan Park which was awesome. Very family friendly, great facilities, great staff, we'll definitely stay there again (as we're definitely going back, we all fell in love with this area!). The girls at the desk recommended Voyager 3 Island Cruise as a good way to see the Whitsunday Islands; and so first thing Monday morning we were collected by a bus and taken to the Marina to board our boat.

We enjoyed watching the world go by as we headed to Whitehaven Beach, and had fun building a sandcastle and moat with the one of most beautiful backdrops you'll see.

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Eco Resort & Dingo Beach

This is the pool at the Eco Resort, definitely a gorgeous location! The wedding was perfect and the bride and groom were beautiful and so happy. (we were swimming next day, not at the wedding!)

This is the Pub @ Dingo Beach, and this is the beer garden where we had lunch.. Sunday Seafood BBQ :)) Was a great place to have lunch!

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Cape Gloucester, QLD

Next morning we woke (early) to a clear blue sky and clear blue water.

We had breakfast on the verandah and pretty soon were joined by some locals..

After breakfast we went for a walk along the mangroves behind our cabin and then along the beach..

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A couple of posts... Our QLD holiday

We were all very excited to travel to North Queensland to attend the wedding of my oldest girlfriend. Usually not a trip that we could afford but I wasn't missing Kaz's wedding, and we scored some cheap flights on Tiger, so off we went!

The wedding was held at Cape Gloucester Eco Resort and they'd booked us a cabin at Montes Resort just a few hundred metres up the beach. We arrived just as the sun was setting.. What a gorgeous spot!

This is the view from the verandah of our cabin at Montes Reef Resort at Cape Gloucester, one of the few places on the east coast of Australia that the sun sets over the water!

Family portrait outside the cabin, it's unusual to get all 3 of us in front of the lens.
These little guys paid us a visit at night time, very cute :)
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November 5, 2008

Just a few more garden pics..

Potatoes after being freshly mulched with Lucerne hay. It's a pretty big pile now!

Look!! Zucchini! Very exciting :)

I've found out where all the peas have gone.. LOL!

Not sure what this is, it's a tree which was already here.. Any guesses?
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