December 22, 2008

I often wish I had a camera with me..

These are not my pics, I borrowed them off the net! Our camera is a DSLR and is not small enough to carrying 'just in case' - I am hoping to find a cheap, compact point & shoot at the after Christmas sales..

Saturday I had a day 'off' and took myself to Kinglake to go horse riding..

This is the property, Kinglake Homestead, as you can see it's surrounded by bush - the Kinglake National Park which is where we rode. It was great to bed back on horse and Steve who owns the Homestead was pleasant company. It's been a long time since I've been on a horse and my muscles let me know about it on Sunday (and Monday, and even today..)

On the way home I came across a Blue Tongue lizard sunning itself on the road; I stopped to move him off to the edge so he wouldn't get squashed. Only thing was he decided that my car tyres were the best place to hide! I spent a few minutes following him from wheel to wheel until he finally moved off away from the car and road!

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