December 17, 2008

Local goodies for Christmas

The Yarra Valley is a food and wine region and sometimes I can get slightly carried away...

This lot includes a 1kg Christmas Pudding from Handmade in Healesville, and a few of the most delicious jams available from Jamlady Jams. Lisa uses organic sugar and fresh local products in her jams. And as well as being a very talented cook she is very lovely. The boy and I enjoyed our visit to purchase this lot and even met 'Maggie' a magpie which Lisa and her busband have hand raised. :)

So the flavours I bought.. Lime Marmalade, Mango Saffron, Pear Vanilla & Ginger, Blackberry Shiraz, Raspberry Grappa, Peach & Passionfruit, Apricot & Cardamom. Mmmm! Some are gifts, some are to keep.


  1. Picture is not working for me, but there's a good chance that is a GOOD thing. Those descriptions alone were nearly enough to turn me into a puddle of drool!

  2. I've uploaded the picture again, but you may want to not look :)