December 13, 2008

News from the vege patch

A little while ago we planted watermelon seedlings, for some time it appeared they were not going to make it, but the rain/sun/rain pattern over the past week has helped them and look! They've produced their second set of leaves :)


Another fan of our (late) Spring weather is the corn, we've cobs growing on all 4 stalks..

Broccoli is growing, growing.. As you can see the caterpillars are fans as well but thankfully they've spared the edible parts.. Same can't be said of cabbage & cauliflower though.. It seems that planting all the brassicas together created a smorgasbord for them..

Once each bed is 'finished' in this garden we'll rip it all apart and renovate..

Bigger garden,lots of inter-planting and companion planting for pest control (whitemoth/caterpillars are the only issue we've had, so the plan is to put cauli/cabbage/brocoli throughout the garden with tomatoes, silverbeet, celery and some flowers (white pansies) to disguise them) plus inter-planting other veges for better growth.
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