September 6, 2009

Bargains for the garden

I was doing some grocery shopping this afternoon (boring & mundane) and found seeds for 99c a packet.. So tomorrow the boy and I are going to play in the wood/garden shed and set up the seed trays :)

Then we need to get motivated to re-do the vege garden. So far all we've planted since the fires/summer heat is potatoes and that was only a few weeks back. We've plans to move the vege patch to a spot nearer the water tank to save lugging water up the hill but the plans have yet to eventuate.

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September 5, 2009

On the bike..

So, I've discovered that a fun way to get used to my bike is to chase the boy around our place. Hubby came out and take some pics this afternoon.. I was practising lifting the front tyre off the ground but the camera missed it every time!

We also set up a down a bank into a short/sharp turn and around a tree 'obstacle course' but the camera went flat before we'd done it.. Fun for the whole family anyway :)

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September 4, 2009

Where have I been hiding?

I've been preoccupied with my new bike :)

Last weekend I went to Lysterfield Lake to ride with some other MTB girls. And it was awesome!

I rode things I never thought I would have attempted - down hills, tight(ish) switchbacks and even over logs and off (small) drops. There was plenty of nice single trail :)

I am very appreciative to the girls who were totally supportive and helpful and encouraging and were patient with me as a beginner and didn't seem to mind that I was slow.

We rode 15km all up and I was totally wrecked by the end of it.. but elated at the same time.

Since then I found the below pics (taken by Steveob on the MTBR forums) of singletrack in St Andrews and my first thought was,"That looks like great fun." I think I'm bcoming a real fan :) Hubby is pleased!

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Funhouse Tour - Pink

So we had a girls night out a few weeks back and went to see Pink. Wow! She is an amazing performer; super fit, super flexible, super woman! I can understand how people go more than once to see her concert.

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August 11, 2009

Spinning of the usual type, a bit differently..

One of my purchases at Bendigo was a lovely "Spinning Woodie" spindle (made from a banksia cone!) and I've been having some fun with it :) And how could anything be more fun to spin that this bright, funky, vibrant fibre from Ewe Give Me the Knits?

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Mountain Biking - facing my fears.

Long time no see, sorry... I came back from Bendi and was struck down with Gastro and spent almost the whole week in bed. After I recovered it took a few days/week to get back on track and then life got hectic, again.

My hubby is a total Mountain Bike junkie, he rides and races and it seems that the boy has the bug as well.. Anywhere Dad can go he wants to go, too. And if I am to join in on family rides I need to get over my hesitance and nervousness on the bike. So, I have recently registered to do a Women's MTB Skills course which is being held at Lysterfield here in Vic in October.. One of the instructors is the current Australian Women's Solo 24 hour champion, has just returned from competing in the World Championships where she came 4th; I said, "Oh, I rode 6km today!" hehehe..

I decided to take advantage of a brother who managed a bike store ('til last Saturday) and get some shoes with cleats so that I could try out 'clipless' pedals. So I went to see him last weekend and bought shoes, and accidentally came home with a new bike as well. It was too good a deal to pass up.

This is it; with my old bike in the background. It is an Avanti Montari with lots of good 'bits' on it; all goes over my head, but hubby approves!

The pedals which I've borrowed from hubby.

Sexy new shoes, they are very comfy and as an added bonus part of the money goes to Breast Cancer research. Down side being I'm a total novice to clip in and crashed twice yesterday when I couldn't get my feet out.. :S

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July 19, 2009

ASBA Sheepshow - resuts!!

I've just returned from an awesome weekend in Bendigo. Am very pleased to report that I won ribbons!

First place in Novice Spinning.

And a Highly Commended for the hat.

I also did a little bit of shopping...

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July 16, 2009

Something warm to wear to Bendigo #3

An oversized/slouchy beanie to keep my head and ears warm :) Loosely based on this pattern.

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July 14, 2009

Something warm to wear to Bendigo #2

Here are the mitts I made :) The pattern is Raspberry Mitts from Ravelry.

I have a bit of this wool left so have cast on a beanie and hope I have enough left!

And in a cool fluke I remembered I have a (warm) sleeveless jacket/vest that matches the colour of the green/petrol hat I made so I won't look completely mismatched ;)

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July 12, 2009

Something warm to wear to Bendigo

It was with trepidation that I delivered my 2 entries for the Wool Show on Saturday. It was also with a touch of sadness as I really, really love that hat and would've liked to WEAR it next weekend. So after delivering it to the lovely Dot in Wheelers Hill I met a few of the 'Rocketeers' at The Wool Village in Brandon Park and bought 100g of a Chunky Fireside to knit another one. Here 'tis :)

I am now on the hunt for a nice/quick mitten pattern so I can keep my hands warm :) Stay tuned, I shall update with pics as I go. I have no matching wool so am going to look like some weird freaky woollen lady with mismatched knits all over :P (unless I make a trip to Brandon Park during the week to buy more of this..... which is really too far to go, isn't it?)
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Future MTB star?

So the boy is a boy and anything Dad can do he wants to do, too!

Today was round 2 of the Fat Tyre Flyers' 2009 Winter series and we all went along. He requested number three-one-one for his bike so I made one up last night and hubby attached it to his bike. Boy was pretty pleased :)

We arrived just before 9 and the race finished at 1, he was on his bike the whole time! Riding around and practicing up and down hills and on dirt and gravel and mud. He wanted to race but was not impressed when the officials pointed out that Juniors need to be 13, "I'm nearly thirteen, I'm already 3." was the reply.


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June 29, 2009


The boy has come to that stage of wanting to do everything "all by my self!" and wanting to help with so many things around the house. The latest want to do is spinning :)

He was very happy when I got out some "oldapaca" to try. He especially loved it when the tail of the yarn disappeared into the orifice of the wheel :)

Afterwards I showed him an Alpaca in a book and was told "Nooo, that looks like a sheep!"

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June 26, 2009

Loving my new hat

Remember this wool? Well, look at it now..

This pattern is very cool, knit sideways with short rows to shape it, it's a bit different..

I was a bit sad when I finished it that it was small but after blocking it fits me (although I usually look like a criminal when I wear a hat) :) I was planning on entering a hat in the wool show, not sure if this is the 'right' pattern for that but am prob going to send it in anyway.. it's different and funky :) (I have a mental picture of baby jackets and booties and the like, I really have no idea what the show entries will be like!)

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Giddyup Horsey

I flicked through an old photo album the other day looking for 'teenage' pics for a forum I am on.

These are me from 14 though to 17.. Every photo of me in the album was with horses! No tragic late 80s fringes or hideous deb dresses and the likes for this little black sheep ;) although I suspect you'd find a few bad hair shots in my Mum's pics of me (and not a horse in sight I'd guess!)

Made me a bit sad though, that horses were once such a huge part of my life and yet these days I am lucky to ride once a season.. I do fully intend to get another horse (or two or three...) one day but for now it's not an option.

This is Petit Cheval, more commonly called Chevy, he was my first pony who I leased from a friend at Pony Club, he taught me lots and was a funny character.

Hayley was a lovely mare when we bought her but she went a bit feral after a few months - I sold her to a more experienced rider who wouldn't kill themselves trying to ride her. On the ground she was as gentle as anything but on her back she was crazy. I think with retraining she would've gone a long way. (These days I'd do it myself but back then not enough experience).

This is my beautiful Pache Pony - Apache - who had been through it all a million times and gave me back my confidence after a few scary falls from Hayley. He was a super cool little boy and heaps of fun. The true 'all rounder' he could do it all with style ;)

Here is one of 'my' racehorses, I worked in racing stables for a few years, it was an interesting lifestyle and had some fun times but we all need to get a 'real' job sometime and the early starts were hideous so I moved on.. Although after that I worked with the horses at a circus and as a drover/stock hand so I couldn't quite break the horse habit straight away.

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June 22, 2009