January 31, 2009

Knitting in hot weather..

Isn't a brilliant thing to do, but I did it anyway. Finished (all bar the buttons) this wrap/cover today.

Now to find the 'next' project..

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Heat, heat, heat

Poor Bargs & Jess have felt the heat, Bargs especially with his thick, black coat..

Lots of hose downs (for which they no doubt think I'm the worst thing in the world), ice and time indoors over the past few days.

They've both perked up tonight now that the temps have dropped. This was taken earlier today (we had 40 again).

It was quiet here after dinner and I wondered where the boys were..

Found them watching Bolt :) Our bedroom is nice and cool with the window and double doors open to let the night air (and bugs!) in.

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January 26, 2009

Like a kid in a lolly shop!!

I was checking out the Sheeps Clothing blog tonight and reading Stacey's profile I discovered two of her favourite films were two that were my total favourites when I was younger..

National Velvet & International Velvet!

So I went in search of DVD and look what I found on eBay :D

I can't wait 'til it arrives; I watched Phar Lap on DVD last night too, so it's a bit of an equine theme here lately.

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Refined stash & knitting mojo has returned..

So here we have the new, improved stash!

I enlisted the help of a friend, Kelli, a month or so back to be ruthless (I'm not good at ruthless) and sort out the overflowing stash of yarn & fibre..

A fair bit was sold to Ravellers so it's gone to good homes. Some I donated to one of the op-shops in town here.

Also, I am please to say my knitting mojo has returned!

Hubby was watching a movie the other night while I stalked the house flicking through pattern books and sighing a lot..

Finally, I just grabbed a ball of Blue/Red Vintage Hues and some needles and cast on a nappy cover/wrap. I've knit plenty and don't use a pattern so it's easy and got me back in the rhythm again! No idea who it's for yet, but no matter.. :)
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January 17, 2009

Camping fun..

Hubby is away at a Mountain Bike Race this weekend; on Wednesday he set up his old dome tent to make sure all the pieces were there. The boy was super excited to be able to sleep in a tent and came running inside to get his pillow, a blanket and 'frankie'. It's been ages since we've been away camping, our camper trailer is very sad sitting in the shed! We're hoping to get away for a weekend soon..

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January 11, 2009

You say tomato, I say tomato..

So we've covered the tomatoes with bird nets and have suddenly got a massive amount of edible fruit!!

The story behind the green ones is hubby cut a small bunch of red fruit and when he pulled it out about 4 ft of branch came along with it, we only have 4 tomato plants - 2 x cherries and 2 x lisses and they have taken over the WHOLE garden bed and are threatening to invade the zucchinis as well!

I suspect I'll need to give away a LOT of tomatoes soon, there is just so much on the plants, although I want to try my hand at making sauce so probably need heaps to do that, I've picked the green fruit from the pruned branch - the plan is to make green tomato pickles..

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January 8, 2009

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes..

We live in a very popular motorcycle area, in fact our road is well known as a place for rides, so much so that the Shire has published a brochure/guide.

Over the past few weeks it has been super busy with bikes and it's fun to watch/listen to the different bikes, I love walking down main street and admiring the bikes (and annoying hubby by telling a leather clad, bearded, bald headed bikie that his Harley is 'beautiful' - he thinks it's girly, I say that it's a compliment and the riders take it as such) from classic old Triumphs to super glossy and shiny Harley Davidsons to the newest Japanese road bikes that look as though they belong at Philip Island.

It annoys me though when a minority of riders think they ARE on Philip Island and put the safety of themselves and others at risk by riding too fast, cornering dangerously.

Sadly yesterday two bikes collided head on in the 'Spur' (Black Spur) which is THE motorcycle must do around here, and one rider was killed, another rider and passenger were seriously injured.

Hopefully the rest of this year can be a safer one on our roads.

January 7, 2009

Kauni Effektgarn EQ

So I've been eyeing off this yarn for some time, and finally gave into temptation when I discovered an Aussie seller.. I was very excited when it arrived at the post office!! Now to decide what to make with it!! (for the non-knitters, this wool works in gorgeous rainbow effect.. see here for an example)

January 2, 2009


I went riding again today and remembered to take the camera! (but no pockets so no on-ride pics, sorry). Hubby's cousin came and we had a great ride, and I am way less sore than last time!

So, here we have Sumo (closest to the camera) and Poppy (who I rode).

A close up profile of Freckles (aka Nutcase). He's v cute but can be unpredictable.

And this is Santa, so named as he was born on Christmas Day (who my cousin rode)

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