January 8, 2009

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes..

We live in a very popular motorcycle area, in fact our road is well known as a place for rides, so much so that the Shire has published a brochure/guide.

Over the past few weeks it has been super busy with bikes and it's fun to watch/listen to the different bikes, I love walking down main street and admiring the bikes (and annoying hubby by telling a leather clad, bearded, bald headed bikie that his Harley is 'beautiful' - he thinks it's girly, I say that it's a compliment and the riders take it as such) from classic old Triumphs to super glossy and shiny Harley Davidsons to the newest Japanese road bikes that look as though they belong at Philip Island.

It annoys me though when a minority of riders think they ARE on Philip Island and put the safety of themselves and others at risk by riding too fast, cornering dangerously.

Sadly yesterday two bikes collided head on in the 'Spur' (Black Spur) which is THE motorcycle must do around here, and one rider was killed, another rider and passenger were seriously injured.

Hopefully the rest of this year can be a safer one on our roads.

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