January 26, 2009

Refined stash & knitting mojo has returned..

So here we have the new, improved stash!

I enlisted the help of a friend, Kelli, a month or so back to be ruthless (I'm not good at ruthless) and sort out the overflowing stash of yarn & fibre..

A fair bit was sold to Ravellers so it's gone to good homes. Some I donated to one of the op-shops in town here.

Also, I am please to say my knitting mojo has returned!

Hubby was watching a movie the other night while I stalked the house flicking through pattern books and sighing a lot..

Finally, I just grabbed a ball of Blue/Red Vintage Hues and some needles and cast on a nappy cover/wrap. I've knit plenty and don't use a pattern so it's easy and got me back in the rhythm again! No idea who it's for yet, but no matter.. :)
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