January 11, 2009

You say tomato, I say tomato..

So we've covered the tomatoes with bird nets and have suddenly got a massive amount of edible fruit!!

The story behind the green ones is hubby cut a small bunch of red fruit and when he pulled it out about 4 ft of branch came along with it, we only have 4 tomato plants - 2 x cherries and 2 x lisses and they have taken over the WHOLE garden bed and are threatening to invade the zucchinis as well!

I suspect I'll need to give away a LOT of tomatoes soon, there is just so much on the plants, although I want to try my hand at making sauce so probably need heaps to do that, I've picked the green fruit from the pruned branch - the plan is to make green tomato pickles..

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  1. OMG Meag they look amazing!

    Definately go the pickles & chutney, oh and sauce. Dad makes them every year with all of his.

  2. Fried green tomatoes for you :)

  3. Your picture make me long for summer. I love to grow tomatoes, and make sauce which I put in the freezer to enjoy during winter :-)