February 13, 2009

Took a break and went shopping..

To Spotlight!!

I picked up some flannelette to make Pouch Liners with :) These will be sent to Wildlife Victoria to help with the care of our native animals that have been injured & orphaned during the fires. They go inside a knitted pouch (will make some of these also).

Pleased to say I managed to drive the sewing machine OK too! It's not perfect but I doubt the possums will mind ;)

Oh, and the backburning fire from last night? It was another bushfire!!

We were issued an Urgent Threat message this morning and spent most of the morning (from 6:30am!) patrolling, filling gutters etc. As of lunchtime things have settled again.

February 12, 2009


I've just come back from a Community Meeting in town, over 800 ppl went!

The gist is: We are safe as we can be for the next few days at least; they are very concerned about stronger Northerly winds but they shouldn't eventuate 'til Wednesday next week.

They are doing extensive back-burning & control lines before then.

We can sleep!! Things are stable, and if that were to change they will be out making a lot of noise, so it is safe to go to bed and relax. <= this was the best bit!!

Hubby is going to work tomorrow, childcare is open so the boy will go to CC but I will stay home as I'm not leaving him out here (and going into the suburbs to work) while the fires are still burning..

Just as we got home they lit some control fires across the valley.

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February 10, 2009

And now for something completely different..

This is my new toy!

I was given this sewing machine from a lovely lady who has updated her machine.

I had planned on getting to Spotlight this week to buy some fabric, cotton, bobbins etc but the fire conditions have said otherwise.

I am looking forward to having a play when I get the chance.

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Elvis is here!

The water bombing helicopters have been working here over the past few days. These photos don't do them justice - they are huge, awesome things! For those not familiar with Australian fires, "Elvis" is the name of the large Orange chopper in the top pic ;)

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Fire watch

The fires are still burning close by and we are still on 'alert' although there is no immediate threat. If the winds change thins can change quickly. I am tense and tired, but the 'holding pattern' we are in is nothing compared to those that have lost so much. It is just so, so sad. I have cried so many times hearing the stories that are coming out of these fires.

I am in awe of the CFA volunteers that are out there day and night fighting these fires, they are truly heroes.

These pics are taken from home, the moon rising through the smoke and the fire/smoke over the hill.

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February 8, 2009

Bushfire Sunset

Self explanatory really...

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These trucks are pumping water from the Melbourne Water aquaduct.. the picket fence on the left is our front fence.

There used to be a house in here.. it's about 250 metres from us in a straight line.. We were extraordinarily lucky last night, the wind change came and pushed the fire north away from our home. We weren't home. We’re thankful to our neighbours for keeping an eye on our place and keeping us updated while we were away. We came back up first thing this morning, left the boy with my mum and came home to check on things. Heaps of burnt out embers/leaves/branches around the place, and by all accounts we were very lucky.

This is looking over the hills across from us. The fires are still burning, but seem to be small and not growing; although we have received current "Alert" messages from the CFA this evening.. Hubby and I are on watch (he is sleeping at present, I will swap with him in a bit).

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We headed to Gippsland to (attempt to) escape the heat forecast for Melbourne over the weekend.

We went to the Mouth of the Powlett to splash about earlyon Saturday, it was lovely, a gorgeous sea breeze blowing and not hot at all (although that changed very quickly once we got back to the farm).

Here is Bargs bringing Jess back to me, she was too excited to come back so he dragged her!

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