February 8, 2009


These trucks are pumping water from the Melbourne Water aquaduct.. the picket fence on the left is our front fence.

There used to be a house in here.. it's about 250 metres from us in a straight line.. We were extraordinarily lucky last night, the wind change came and pushed the fire north away from our home. We weren't home. We’re thankful to our neighbours for keeping an eye on our place and keeping us updated while we were away. We came back up first thing this morning, left the boy with my mum and came home to check on things. Heaps of burnt out embers/leaves/branches around the place, and by all accounts we were very lucky.

This is looking over the hills across from us. The fires are still burning, but seem to be small and not growing; although we have received current "Alert" messages from the CFA this evening.. Hubby and I are on watch (he is sleeping at present, I will swap with him in a bit).

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