February 13, 2009

Took a break and went shopping..

To Spotlight!!

I picked up some flannelette to make Pouch Liners with :) These will be sent to Wildlife Victoria to help with the care of our native animals that have been injured & orphaned during the fires. They go inside a knitted pouch (will make some of these also).

Pleased to say I managed to drive the sewing machine OK too! It's not perfect but I doubt the possums will mind ;)

Oh, and the backburning fire from last night? It was another bushfire!!

We were issued an Urgent Threat message this morning and spent most of the morning (from 6:30am!) patrolling, filling gutters etc. As of lunchtime things have settled again.


  1. Oh how exhausting all the alerts and living on tenderhooks Meags but I'm just so glad you're all ok, and HOW FAB are the little fleece pouch liners - BLESS!

  2. Cooooeeeeeee Meagan where are you???

    I've given you a wakey-wakey by tagging you in the seven things challenge :)