March 4, 2009


We evacuated from here on Monday night and went to family in the city. This is the boy sitting up with the adults on the balcony at MIDNIGHT!!! He didn't want to miss out on any fun..

Coming from the Yarra Valley to inner Melbourne was a shock - it was noisy and we hardly slept and everytime I opened the door 1 x kid & 2 x dogs tried to escape and by 5 yesterday we’d had enough so headed home.

On the way home I pulled into a park at Lilydale and cried for ages (kid asleep in the back - he was up til midnight). Just tired, weary and over it - just burn us out or f**k off.

After I made it home things felt a bit better, hubby gave me a huge hug & it was quite calm here (less windy than the suburbs) and then it RAINED!!!!

It was bliss to hop into my (gorgeous, new, Christmas gift) Peter Alexander PJs and RELAX last night, listening to the rain on the roof.

We slept in 'til nearly 1o today, the best night sleep I've had since it all started. Here's the PJ's :)

We had 25mm of rain overnight :)) And more today.

And today the fires nearby are officially listed as CONTAINED for the first time in nearly a month; and it has been a loooong 3 and a half weeks...
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