March 6, 2009


Thanks to Liss for tagging me..

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7 Facts:

1/ I am 33 years old

2/ I am brunette

3/ I have brown eyes

4/ I am 5'2" (hubby is 6'2"!!)

5/ I am a rally navigator

6/ I ride horses

7/ I have been married for 6 years next Tuesday

7 Unspectacular Quirks

1/ I am a recovering arachnophobic (even squished a huntsman all on my own a few weeks back!)

2/ I am scared of heights (I passed up a Sound Relief ticket as it was at the top of the Southern Stand!)

3/ My middle toes are longer than my big toes (and my little toe sits under the next one)

4/ I can pick up things with my feet (see above!)

5/ My favourite holiday is a weekend (or week or more!) away with our camper trailer

6/ I am a board member of the local kinders

7/ I am eating milo with a spoon as I write this

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A Pic

This is the most recent pic of me (where you can see my face), it was taken on Christmas Eve!

1 comment:

  1. I'm 5'2 too, I thought I was the only freakishly short person around here lol.

    Good on you for being a recovering arachnophobic! I had to kill a spider the other day as Jordy was trying to play with it *shudder*, but I couldn't squish it, instead it got drowned in bug spray lol.