March 15, 2009

Ugly lightshades, great night

This is a picture (taken on my phone) of the lights above our table at dinner during the week.

It was hubby & mine 6th anniversary; we sent the boy next door for the evening and headed to the new Indian restaurant in town.

As we are parents we booked for 6:30 and it was still daylight when we arrived.. The decor was very bright, plenty of purple, so it was with some trepidation that I surveyed the menu.

I am pleased to report that my worries were groundless. We had a great evening with fantastic food and attentive service. And as the night grew dark the stark purple was replaced with a more subtle ambience which was quite lovely. It is surprising to find an Indian restaurant equal to anything we've had in the city our here in the 'sticks'. We'll definitely be going back.

We ended the evening with coffee at a cellar door/winery nearby, which was lovely as well, and something we should do more often!
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