April 26, 2009

Cooking & Playing

With thanks to Dr Suess for today's lunchtime inspiration.. I do not like green eggs & ham, I do not like it Sam I am..

But my boy did like it :) An egg & ham omelette with 2 drops of green food dye and voila - green eggs & ham :D

On a cold and wet and windy and cold (!) Yarra Valley day it can be tricky to amuse a three year old inside; added to the mix today was the fact that hubby was out all day racing (MTB) and it was left to me to keep the boy occupied... So our mission was to use every single piece of his train tracks.. Result below :D (added bonus - I got to watch Dirty Dancing while we played trains!)

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Shopping & Knitting

As the mum of a boy I am not often able to shop for 'pretty' stuff. So I was totally excited a few weeks back to be able to shop for a birthday gift for a 3 year old girl :) One of the mums at swimming is very crafty and I fell in love with this patchworked owl motif dress she makes. Teamed with bright tights (& skivvy) it should be good for winter. I am pleased to report the recipient loved it :)

And herewith the newest finished and started knitting items. Exhibit one is a sideways knitted jumper for our nephew, small issue of the fact that it is too big but he will grow into it.

Exhibit two is the pattern and wool for a tunic/dress for ME!! The colour is gorgeous - deep and warm and gorgeous. I am looking forward to teaming this with tights and long boots (so need to knit fast to have it done for winter!)

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April 15, 2009

Crafty shopping trip

Monday afternoon a friend and I made an exciting trip to Spotlight WITH NO KIDS!!

I bought this lovely red cord to make the skirt in the pattern plus sme other bits & pieces for sewing - dressmaker's chalk, hook & eyes, a zippper, some cotton.

I also bought some white machine-wash wool to dye with (see previous post) and then ducked over to Bunnings to buy myself a toolbox! This is for my sewing/knitting tools/bits and pieces.. Only issue is it may need to be upsized at some point.. oops!

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Easter & Holiday Fun

What is the best thing about Eater for me? The wide-eyed delight of the boy hunting for Easter Eggs!!

We had a quiet Easter, hubby was working Friday & Monday so we stayed home, but we had a great time regardless. 'Easter Bunny' came and left the below eggs - OK so maybe I got a bit carried away when I went egg-shopping - scattered around the yard.. They were in trees, under bushes, on the grass, by the steps.. Kids loved it :) (Our neighbours came in with their 4 kids).

It was a glorious autumn day and we had a cruisy time - Hot X Buns & tea/coffee for brekky & lunch and watching the kids hunt and then burn off the chocolate on the trampoline & totem tennis.

What to do on a wet, windy & cold day in the holidays? Make noise & mess!!

We had a wool dyeing session here for the boy & his friends (3 x mums had the chance to have a cuppa & chat!).

We used Jelly as the dye :) Easy to set up and safe for the kids.

Here are the end results.

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April 6, 2009

Horsey memories

This is such a cute pic :)

The clydesdale's name is Hercules, I used to look after these two many years ago when I worked as a horse handler at a circus, used to have to stand on a wheelie bin to put Hercules's gear on, and kneel down to do the miniature!

These guys are a part of the The Horsemen from Snowy River show which is showing in Melbourne at the moment.

I am pondering going for old time's sake.. But a part of me thinks not, I miss being around horses lately and I doubt seeing this show would help!!

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It's a boy thing - Mountain Biking

We headed up to Mt Beauty the other week; hubby competed in a SIX HOUR mountain bike endurance race. This pic was after the first (10km) lap. He did really well, I'm very proud of him. Completed 8 laps in the six hours - 80km of mountain bike trails is a very long way!!

Of course the boy took his bike as well, and had a great time riding with the other kids; and we even went for a walk and he rode some singletrail/downhill all on his own!

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