April 15, 2009

Crafty shopping trip

Monday afternoon a friend and I made an exciting trip to Spotlight WITH NO KIDS!!

I bought this lovely red cord to make the skirt in the pattern plus sme other bits & pieces for sewing - dressmaker's chalk, hook & eyes, a zippper, some cotton.

I also bought some white machine-wash wool to dye with (see previous post) and then ducked over to Bunnings to buy myself a toolbox! This is for my sewing/knitting tools/bits and pieces.. Only issue is it may need to be upsized at some point.. oops!

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  1. I like the look of that skirt and the colour is gorgeous

  2. Thanks, the skirt will be longer on me than the model pic as I am a shortarse!

  3. Ohhh can't wait to see what the skirt turns out like Meagan!

    I have so much cord here I really should make something for myself, but alas it never happens LOL

  4. Hi Meags,

    I love looking at your lovely blog! It's been too long! xx