April 15, 2009

Easter & Holiday Fun

What is the best thing about Eater for me? The wide-eyed delight of the boy hunting for Easter Eggs!!

We had a quiet Easter, hubby was working Friday & Monday so we stayed home, but we had a great time regardless. 'Easter Bunny' came and left the below eggs - OK so maybe I got a bit carried away when I went egg-shopping - scattered around the yard.. They were in trees, under bushes, on the grass, by the steps.. Kids loved it :) (Our neighbours came in with their 4 kids).

It was a glorious autumn day and we had a cruisy time - Hot X Buns & tea/coffee for brekky & lunch and watching the kids hunt and then burn off the chocolate on the trampoline & totem tennis.

What to do on a wet, windy & cold day in the holidays? Make noise & mess!!

We had a wool dyeing session here for the boy & his friends (3 x mums had the chance to have a cuppa & chat!).

We used Jelly as the dye :) Easy to set up and safe for the kids.

Here are the end results.

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  1. oh wow the wool looks great, what plans do you have for it? and how good is the jelly dye for the colour staying in?

  2. I don't have any plans so far, the kids will keep their own skeins so no doubt I'll end up knitting something with one lot, the boy suggested a cow! LOL!