April 6, 2009

Horsey memories

This is such a cute pic :)

The clydesdale's name is Hercules, I used to look after these two many years ago when I worked as a horse handler at a circus, used to have to stand on a wheelie bin to put Hercules's gear on, and kneel down to do the miniature!

These guys are a part of the The Horsemen from Snowy River show which is showing in Melbourne at the moment.

I am pondering going for old time's sake.. But a part of me thinks not, I miss being around horses lately and I doubt seeing this show would help!!

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  1. Wow, what a cool job! I'd love to hear more about that! How tall is he? I probably wouldn't be able to help myself, and go.

  2. I swear I replied to this comment last week.. Sorry!!

    Hercules is 18.3 hands. Tall!

    The circus job was interesting - the horses were great. The moving - pack up and put up - sucked! Couldn't do it long term that is for sure. And it spoils the whole 'circus' thing as I know what goes on behind the scenes, we took Miles to the circus last week - he loved it, I didn't ;)