April 26, 2009

Shopping & Knitting

As the mum of a boy I am not often able to shop for 'pretty' stuff. So I was totally excited a few weeks back to be able to shop for a birthday gift for a 3 year old girl :) One of the mums at swimming is very crafty and I fell in love with this patchworked owl motif dress she makes. Teamed with bright tights (& skivvy) it should be good for winter. I am pleased to report the recipient loved it :)

And herewith the newest finished and started knitting items. Exhibit one is a sideways knitted jumper for our nephew, small issue of the fact that it is too big but he will grow into it.

Exhibit two is the pattern and wool for a tunic/dress for ME!! The colour is gorgeous - deep and warm and gorgeous. I am looking forward to teaming this with tights and long boots (so need to knit fast to have it done for winter!)

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