May 12, 2009

Baa Baa grey sheep.. the start of a project, feel free to follow along

Remember the Wool Show I was talking about? Well, the majority of woolcraft/spinning classes require you to work with fleece as opposed to carded 'tops' - which is pretty much all that I have worked with so far...

So today during my lunch break I visited a lovely spinner from my knitting group (the real term is stitch and bitch (SnB) but I have simplified it to cater for an almost 4 year old's understanding) and she very kindly allowed me to explore her fleece stash; I came away with two bags full :)

Here they are 'as is' - straight off the sheep. They've been in their bags for quite a while I'd say.
One grey/white varigated and one 'white'.
Before spinning they need washing and combing/carding. I will keep a pictorial of the progress as I am interested to see the process as it unfolds :)

Stay tuned for updates!

The lower two pics show the boy having a go at combing using the dogs' brush he loved it.

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  1. oh your hands are going to be beautiful and soft though! Doesn't spud look cute! xx