May 5, 2009

Spinning wheel is out of hibernation

Given the hot, hot, hot summer we've had (not to mention the fires that consumed the whole month of February) my spinning wheel had been a bit neglected. In fact I do not think I'd used it since before Christmas until the other night.

I've been reading a bit about the Bendigo Sheep Show and it inspired me to get the wheel out again - a bit of a dust and an oil and it was good as new ;) My plan is to enter a 'piece' in the Woolcraft section of the show, although it's a bit daunting and I keep swinging between "I will" and "Maybe not".

This fibre is Masham which seems to be similar to Alpaca in it's (spun) appearance, it is quite 'hairy'. Very funky sheep, that is for sure :)

I am pleased with this attempt; I was concerned I would forget how to do it but this seems OK (so far!).

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