May 24, 2009

When I grow up..

We all have dreams and ambitions when we are kids; sometimes they come to fruition, other times not..

When I was in primary school I decided I wanted to work in a shop so that I could use a cash register.. My Grade three teacher told me that if she ever saw me working at a checkout that she'd drag me out by my hair! So I rethought my career path and decided that librarian was more to my style, so that I could stamp the books.. hahaha!

I went through a stage of wanting to be a jockey; I recall being bitterly disappointed when I measured myself next to the jockey statue on the Flemington lawn and found that I was too tall (I was about 10). My stepdad pointed out that it was not a life-size statue and that they were slightly taller than that in reality. The jockey idea never really stuck but as time passed it soon became apparent that horses were going to feature prominently in my life and eventually I did work in the racing industry for some time; I was a strapper/stablehand looking after the horses; I worked at Flemington and Caulfield and even Randwick in NSW over a few year period but eventually had to get a 'real' job. The hours and pay didn't appeal any longer; and neither did lifestyle.

Since then I've worked as a Spare Parts Interpreter, Warranty Clerk/Service Advisor, Admin/Logistics for a Sugar co, CSA/Analyst for an Energy co and am now an Energy Data Analyst for a Energy Management co (in between being a mum and a kinder board rep and so on!!). I love my job but y'know I'd STILL love to be a 'checkout chick' ;)

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  1. HEHE! I dream of one day being the lollypop road sign person... I think I'd be dragged away by the hair if ever caught by past teachers!!

  2. I love how when we are children we don't think any "bad" of being a checkout chick as anything bad but rather how fun it would be!