June 29, 2009


The boy has come to that stage of wanting to do everything "all by my self!" and wanting to help with so many things around the house. The latest want to do is spinning :)

He was very happy when I got out some "oldapaca" to try. He especially loved it when the tail of the yarn disappeared into the orifice of the wheel :)

Afterwards I showed him an Alpaca in a book and was told "Nooo, that looks like a sheep!"

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June 26, 2009

Loving my new hat

Remember this wool? Well, look at it now..

This pattern is very cool, knit sideways with short rows to shape it, it's a bit different..

I was a bit sad when I finished it that it was small but after blocking it fits me (although I usually look like a criminal when I wear a hat) :) I was planning on entering a hat in the wool show, not sure if this is the 'right' pattern for that but am prob going to send it in anyway.. it's different and funky :) (I have a mental picture of baby jackets and booties and the like, I really have no idea what the show entries will be like!)

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Giddyup Horsey

I flicked through an old photo album the other day looking for 'teenage' pics for a forum I am on.

These are me from 14 though to 17.. Every photo of me in the album was with horses! No tragic late 80s fringes or hideous deb dresses and the likes for this little black sheep ;) although I suspect you'd find a few bad hair shots in my Mum's pics of me (and not a horse in sight I'd guess!)

Made me a bit sad though, that horses were once such a huge part of my life and yet these days I am lucky to ride once a season.. I do fully intend to get another horse (or two or three...) one day but for now it's not an option.

This is Petit Cheval, more commonly called Chevy, he was my first pony who I leased from a friend at Pony Club, he taught me lots and was a funny character.

Hayley was a lovely mare when we bought her but she went a bit feral after a few months - I sold her to a more experienced rider who wouldn't kill themselves trying to ride her. On the ground she was as gentle as anything but on her back she was crazy. I think with retraining she would've gone a long way. (These days I'd do it myself but back then not enough experience).

This is my beautiful Pache Pony - Apache - who had been through it all a million times and gave me back my confidence after a few scary falls from Hayley. He was a super cool little boy and heaps of fun. The true 'all rounder' he could do it all with style ;)

Here is one of 'my' racehorses, I worked in racing stables for a few years, it was an interesting lifestyle and had some fun times but we all need to get a 'real' job sometime and the early starts were hideous so I moved on.. Although after that I worked with the horses at a circus and as a drover/stock hand so I couldn't quite break the horse habit straight away.

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June 22, 2009

June 21, 2009

Holiday Nostalgia - Blog This Challenge #5

In perfect timing, we've been away this weekend to Rushworth to official at a rally.

My idea of a perfect holiday is a family camping holiday. A few years ago we invested in a pre-loved camper trailer and it is awesome. We now camp in style :)

I love going into the forest and especially enjoy the fun and speed of rallies; we don't compete at the moment but it's good to get out there all the same.

My favourite parts of a weekend away are seeing the boy being a boy - getting dirty, playing with dirt and sticks and roaming the bush. He loved exploring with his new head light.

Love the sunset and the transformation from day to night in the forest, the birds go still and quiet and then the night animals come out to play.

Cooking dinner on the fire, mmm fire roasted potatoes are the best. These were served with rissoles & gravy.

The reason for our visit, start control for stage 1 and 6 at the NCCA Nissan Nightmoves rally. Here is a well equipped control table ;)

And the start line; sending the cars on their way..

Warm & Cosy

Have been doing some fleece prep tonight..

This is the Merino I plant to spin up for my second Bendi entry.

First pic is raw fleece.

Next is combed but unwashed; it is really clean apart from lanolin so am going to spin as is and wash it afterwards.

Here is the Alpaca I started combing a while back; I ran it through the drum carder and this is the result, lovely and soft I am very much looking forward to spinning this. I borrowed the carder from a friend in my knitting group, it's very cool!

Lastly is Jess who kept me company by the fire ;)

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June 14, 2009

ASBA Entry #1 English Leicester step four.. plied

So here it is plied up on the bobbin.. It's so shiny! Am about to skein it up and give it a wash; once it's dried then I think it's done :)

Next project is spinning some gorgeous chocolate brown merino, it's a shorter staple than this so think I may be best to card it before I spin it.. shall ask the advice of some experts and decide ;)

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June 11, 2009

Nostepinne & Knitting

I broke my wool winder the other week (it was old and worn out) and a new one is fairly pricey so I opted for old school technology. Nostepinnes (aka sticks!) are used to wind wool. I had a go at it today and it worked ok.. I *think* with the right technique they wind 'flat edge' balls but still this is knittable :) The yarn is Ixchel Bunny Angorino (ie angora & merino blend) which I spun myself. I am making a hat with it (for the wool show if time permits!)

And here we have progress on the Rosella wool I dyed, am making a scarf (obviously!). :)

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June 10, 2009

Pink tickets - yeah!!

Pink announced four new concerts for Melbourne, they went on sale on Tuesday. Friends and I decided we wanted to go and as luck would have it I was able to log on to Ticketek @ 9am as I had an appt and so was not at work yet :)

So at 8:55am (having dropped the boy at childcare) I sat here with 4 tabs open to Ticketek online ticketing. At 8:58 I decided to try the phone as well as the PC. I grabbed the phone and dialled and at 8:59am a real, live person answered. She advised that the concerts were on sale @ 9am but that as soon as it was on sale she'd 'secure me 3 lower gold tickets" (which I was after). So I was on hold and on the PC and had just clicked 'get tickets' when she came back to advise we had Row B, Section 9 seats - I'd seen maps and knew this was the closest seating section to the stage/catwalk, and we had second row! I was actually shaking and couldn't give my Visa details fast enough!

Megs and I had a bit of a fan girl moment saying (ok, typing via messenger) omg, omg, omg, I can't believe we got such good seats!! And giggling a lot *blush* I am sure Bec would've joined us if she were not in class but I know she's excited as well.

So come August we're all there and I cannot wait :)

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June 8, 2009

ASBA Entry #1 English Leicester - steps two & three

I've spent most nights this week combing the English Leicester fleece, it's so silvery and lovely.

Tonight I started spinning it; this is about 50 grams so far (at a guess). It is quite hairy and coarse when spun, but nice to work with. It's my first attempt spinning from loose fleece - an interesting experience and very different from rovings/tops.

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June 2, 2009

ASBA Entry #1 English Leicester - step one

I am hoping to send two entries into the Novice section of the ASBA Sheep Show Woolcraft; today I started on the first fleece.

Straight from the post pack.

Laid out in 'locks' pre washing.

Somewhat different; after a wash. A few dark tips but pretty nice, and very little vegetable matter through it.

I combed a small section; it's lovely

June 1, 2009

I doubt the skull & crossbones were Health Dept approved..

This is the sign on the door of a medical clinic in town. I have edited to remove the phone number; the rest is real!

Not sure DHS would approve somehow..

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