June 26, 2009

Giddyup Horsey

I flicked through an old photo album the other day looking for 'teenage' pics for a forum I am on.

These are me from 14 though to 17.. Every photo of me in the album was with horses! No tragic late 80s fringes or hideous deb dresses and the likes for this little black sheep ;) although I suspect you'd find a few bad hair shots in my Mum's pics of me (and not a horse in sight I'd guess!)

Made me a bit sad though, that horses were once such a huge part of my life and yet these days I am lucky to ride once a season.. I do fully intend to get another horse (or two or three...) one day but for now it's not an option.

This is Petit Cheval, more commonly called Chevy, he was my first pony who I leased from a friend at Pony Club, he taught me lots and was a funny character.

Hayley was a lovely mare when we bought her but she went a bit feral after a few months - I sold her to a more experienced rider who wouldn't kill themselves trying to ride her. On the ground she was as gentle as anything but on her back she was crazy. I think with retraining she would've gone a long way. (These days I'd do it myself but back then not enough experience).

This is my beautiful Pache Pony - Apache - who had been through it all a million times and gave me back my confidence after a few scary falls from Hayley. He was a super cool little boy and heaps of fun. The true 'all rounder' he could do it all with style ;)

Here is one of 'my' racehorses, I worked in racing stables for a few years, it was an interesting lifestyle and had some fun times but we all need to get a 'real' job sometime and the early starts were hideous so I moved on.. Although after that I worked with the horses at a circus and as a drover/stock hand so I couldn't quite break the horse habit straight away.

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