June 21, 2009

Holiday Nostalgia - Blog This Challenge #5

In perfect timing, we've been away this weekend to Rushworth to official at a rally.

My idea of a perfect holiday is a family camping holiday. A few years ago we invested in a pre-loved camper trailer and it is awesome. We now camp in style :)

I love going into the forest and especially enjoy the fun and speed of rallies; we don't compete at the moment but it's good to get out there all the same.

My favourite parts of a weekend away are seeing the boy being a boy - getting dirty, playing with dirt and sticks and roaming the bush. He loved exploring with his new head light.

Love the sunset and the transformation from day to night in the forest, the birds go still and quiet and then the night animals come out to play.

Cooking dinner on the fire, mmm fire roasted potatoes are the best. These were served with rissoles & gravy.

The reason for our visit, start control for stage 1 and 6 at the NCCA Nissan Nightmoves rally. Here is a well equipped control table ;)

And the start line; sending the cars on their way..


  1. You almost make me want to give camping a go!! You guys are so well equipped and Miles always looks like he has a ball!

  2. looks like fun and love the glass of red on the official table.

    I've been looking at preloved caravans/campers on Ebay, just dreaming at the moment but one day.