June 10, 2009

Pink tickets - yeah!!

Pink announced four new concerts for Melbourne, they went on sale on Tuesday. Friends and I decided we wanted to go and as luck would have it I was able to log on to Ticketek @ 9am as I had an appt and so was not at work yet :)

So at 8:55am (having dropped the boy at childcare) I sat here with 4 tabs open to Ticketek online ticketing. At 8:58 I decided to try the phone as well as the PC. I grabbed the phone and dialled and at 8:59am a real, live person answered. She advised that the concerts were on sale @ 9am but that as soon as it was on sale she'd 'secure me 3 lower gold tickets" (which I was after). So I was on hold and on the PC and had just clicked 'get tickets' when she came back to advise we had Row B, Section 9 seats - I'd seen maps and knew this was the closest seating section to the stage/catwalk, and we had second row! I was actually shaking and couldn't give my Visa details fast enough!

Megs and I had a bit of a fan girl moment saying (ok, typing via messenger) omg, omg, omg, I can't believe we got such good seats!! And giggling a lot *blush* I am sure Bec would've joined us if she were not in class but I know she's excited as well.

So come August we're all there and I cannot wait :)

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