July 19, 2009

ASBA Sheepshow - resuts!!

I've just returned from an awesome weekend in Bendigo. Am very pleased to report that I won ribbons!

First place in Novice Spinning.

And a Highly Commended for the hat.

I also did a little bit of shopping...

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July 16, 2009

Something warm to wear to Bendigo #3

An oversized/slouchy beanie to keep my head and ears warm :) Loosely based on this pattern.

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July 14, 2009

Something warm to wear to Bendigo #2

Here are the mitts I made :) The pattern is Raspberry Mitts from Ravelry.

I have a bit of this wool left so have cast on a beanie and hope I have enough left!

And in a cool fluke I remembered I have a (warm) sleeveless jacket/vest that matches the colour of the green/petrol hat I made so I won't look completely mismatched ;)

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July 12, 2009

Something warm to wear to Bendigo

It was with trepidation that I delivered my 2 entries for the Wool Show on Saturday. It was also with a touch of sadness as I really, really love that hat and would've liked to WEAR it next weekend. So after delivering it to the lovely Dot in Wheelers Hill I met a few of the 'Rocketeers' at The Wool Village in Brandon Park and bought 100g of a Chunky Fireside to knit another one. Here 'tis :)

I am now on the hunt for a nice/quick mitten pattern so I can keep my hands warm :) Stay tuned, I shall update with pics as I go. I have no matching wool so am going to look like some weird freaky woollen lady with mismatched knits all over :P (unless I make a trip to Brandon Park during the week to buy more of this..... which is really too far to go, isn't it?)
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Future MTB star?

So the boy is a boy and anything Dad can do he wants to do, too!

Today was round 2 of the Fat Tyre Flyers' 2009 Winter series and we all went along. He requested number three-one-one for his bike so I made one up last night and hubby attached it to his bike. Boy was pretty pleased :)

We arrived just before 9 and the race finished at 1, he was on his bike the whole time! Riding around and practicing up and down hills and on dirt and gravel and mud. He wanted to race but was not impressed when the officials pointed out that Juniors need to be 13, "I'm nearly thirteen, I'm already 3." was the reply.


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