August 11, 2009

Spinning of the usual type, a bit differently..

One of my purchases at Bendigo was a lovely "Spinning Woodie" spindle (made from a banksia cone!) and I've been having some fun with it :) And how could anything be more fun to spin that this bright, funky, vibrant fibre from Ewe Give Me the Knits?

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Mountain Biking - facing my fears.

Long time no see, sorry... I came back from Bendi and was struck down with Gastro and spent almost the whole week in bed. After I recovered it took a few days/week to get back on track and then life got hectic, again.

My hubby is a total Mountain Bike junkie, he rides and races and it seems that the boy has the bug as well.. Anywhere Dad can go he wants to go, too. And if I am to join in on family rides I need to get over my hesitance and nervousness on the bike. So, I have recently registered to do a Women's MTB Skills course which is being held at Lysterfield here in Vic in October.. One of the instructors is the current Australian Women's Solo 24 hour champion, has just returned from competing in the World Championships where she came 4th; I said, "Oh, I rode 6km today!" hehehe..

I decided to take advantage of a brother who managed a bike store ('til last Saturday) and get some shoes with cleats so that I could try out 'clipless' pedals. So I went to see him last weekend and bought shoes, and accidentally came home with a new bike as well. It was too good a deal to pass up.

This is it; with my old bike in the background. It is an Avanti Montari with lots of good 'bits' on it; all goes over my head, but hubby approves!

The pedals which I've borrowed from hubby.

Sexy new shoes, they are very comfy and as an added bonus part of the money goes to Breast Cancer research. Down side being I'm a total novice to clip in and crashed twice yesterday when I couldn't get my feet out.. :S

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