July 28, 2010

A Picture tells one thousand words.. aka what's been happening

So over the past while we've been busy!!

Much of it has involved our bikes. I have been riding more as has hubby.

Here is my bike at the farm in Wonthaggi :)

Here is my race plate for my very.first.ever mtb race!

Hubby raced a wet and muddy Kona 24 Hour race @ Forrest in November, we all went for a great weekend away.

In January I spent an amazing weekend at Mt Buller riding with 19 other women and a World Champion!

Here we are at the summit.

The first skills session..


At the base of Mt Buller - we rode down, down, down to Mirimbah.

Lunch on day 2 :)

Shuttle, fortunately we didn't have to ride back up ;)

Home with my boy who instantly put the posters on his wall :)

We've spent some time in the kitchen; here is my boy making raspberry mousse..

My first ever pavlova.

And my first ever bread rolls!

This shot made me laugh.. my two favourite gadgets, I like music in the kitchen :)
Wish we'd done this last time we put soil in a vege garden!
We've planted a small garden closer to the house and closer to the water tank.
Hubby built a snazzy frost cover with shadecloth and washing 'line'.

I've been doing some crafty - making a knights helmet for the boy and a warm cabled hood for myself.

A few weeks back we headed across to Buxton to check out some new mtb trails; we met some friends there, rode bikes, played in the creek and had a great day :)